More recently...

Luke, Jackson, and I at Rivermont's All Hallows Eve Party. I was one half of the duo who came up with all the booths and activities for this party and coordinated volunteers, and by the time of this picture I was worn out! We had a great time though and we met lots of new folks from our community who came by for the food, fun, and games. Jackson decorated our senior pastor's "beard" with cheese puffs. Playing games, dressing up, eating and drinking sugar all day...who doesn't love this holiday? Shane's 32nd birthday was Oct. 30. Luke asked that we make dad a green cake, so imagine a green cake under that chocolate icing. My first attempt at pumpkin carving went pretty well. Luke wanted a scary one, and I think I delivered. Shane was actually a little concerned that our neighbors would think we are mean because of our scary pumpkin =) Grrrr

Catching Up

October was crazy busy for us, and here it is the middle of November! I'll share some of the highlights of the past couple of months. The pictures are in kind of random order, but you'll get the idea. First, we went camping with our good friends the Halls. Twins Hadley and Holter are Luke's age, Michaiah is Jackson's age, and Michael and Heather are our age =) Friends for everybody. They went camping in George Washington National Forest and we joined them for an afternoon/evening. Here are some pics of our outdoor adventure.
GG came to visit for a long weekend, and we all went to the pumpkin patch. GG, Shane, and I went to watch Mississippi State play at West Virginia. The drive was beautiful; the campus, not so much. Luke and I went to a caramel apple party at the Hannings' house.