Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I messed up. I updated my blog and managed to mess up Shane's blog and my blog at the same time. I used our joint email account to update and sign in, and I didn't think about the fact that Shane used the same email as his identity. So blogger.com thinks both blogs belong to one and the same person. My profile is on his blog, and his name is on all my posts. If you are thoroughly confused about all of this, so are we. Hopefully we'll get it figured out soon. Totally unrelated tangent...Luke loves bananas. I mean, he LOVES bananas. He has eaten at least one banana every day since he was six months old when he started on mashed bananas and baby cereal. Some days he eats two. I figure he is closing in on about a thousand bananas consumed. Now Jackson is eating one every morning as well. We go through about two bunches a week. And, if you are wondering, neither of them seems to suffer any ill effects on their digestive systems. I am so thankful for bananas. They require no preparation, are healthy, tasty, and not that messy. Speaking of bananas, please read my favorite story about bananas by Shane's friend Jeremy Huggins.


More White Stuff!

We had a big snow last Tuesday night and got to enjoy the fluffy stuff on Wednesday morning. The grand total was three inches, and although we tried to make a snowman, it was just too soft! We had fun making snow angels, throwing tiny snowballs, and trying to get Jackson to walk in the snow. He had some snow boots on that were a little too big, and he wasn't really sure of his steps anyway. All of this combined to make for a not-so-fun snow experience for the littlest Whelan. Luke, however, loved the snow and made lots of footprints. The most remarkable thing for Shane and me is that much of the snow that fell last week is still on the ground. We are used to Georgia snow that lasts 24 hours if you're lucky. Hobbes, watching out the screen door in the top photo, would have loved to have joined us outside. But he has lost any and all outside privileges since bolting out the door to explore the new neighborhood the other night.
Luke was a brave boy last week. He had to have a boo-boo removed off his cheek. Its official name was a pyogenic granuloma. It occurs where a group of blood vessels close to the skin's surface pop up and get irritated. It came up in late December and started bleeding Jan. 9. It would bleed every time Luke would just graze it with his finger, and it started getting bigger. It was a nasty, traumatic experience for him and for us, so after making the rounds through all the doctors, a plastic surgeon removed it Friday. Luke only had local anesthesia, so he knew exactly what was happening and didn't like it one bit. But the procedure was relatively short, and when it was over he was totally fine. Mom and Dad were a little worse for the wear. I don't think there is anything tougher than watching your child suffer in any way. Thankfully, this was minor compared to so many things people go through. But we are glad it's over and Luke is recovering just fine. He actually told me his boo-boo wasn't "noying" him anymore! I asked him several times whether the bump or the band-aid were annoying him, so I guess he remembered that. I was pretty impressed. He is such a cutie.