Our First Week in Virginia

Hello from Virginia! We are getting settled in to our new home in Lynchburg, and we're finally hooked up with phone and internet. We felt very out of touch for a while--it's funny how accustomed you become to being able to reach others and being reachable at any given moment. Anyway, our first week has been truly great. Busy, yes, but we have received the warmest welcome from our new church family, and Shane and I both feel that this is a place we will enjoy and love very much. I told him on Sunday, "This may be a bit premature, but I REALLY like it here!" We have been inundated with visitors, people to help us unpack, babysitters, and tons of food. People are genuinely eager to serve us, and it has already made us grateful and humble. Luke and Jackson are adjusting fabulously...they are sleeping better here than they ever have before. Maybe they're just completely exhausted, but whatever the reason, I'm getting eight hours of sleep every night and I'm loving it. We have taken Luke to the pool a few times and he is getting pretty brave in the water. We took a family trip today to Appamattox, where General Lee surrendered in April 1865. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We took a picnic lunch to a nearby lake and enjoyed the mountains surrounding us. I'll post some pictures of our adventure next time.