December Preschool Fun!

Luke and Holter celebrate at a birthday party for Jesus in Luke's class.
Shane shared the Christmas story with Luke's class during "Circle Time." In the beloved sandbox. Notice the scuffle over the cement mixer. Pastor and Mrs. Mabray shared the Christmas story during our preschool's Christmas program. The different classes wore their pajamas and sang songs between readings. The four-year-olds came out first and sang the most songs. They definitely knew their stuff. Then Luke's three-year class came out and did a little bit of singing and a few hand motions. Then the two-year-olds came out and pretty much just stood there. Then Jackson's one-year class walked in with their teachers and jingled bells all the way to their mommies and daddies in the audience. Except for Jackson. As you can see in the video in the post below, he did come sit with us. Then he noticed Luke on stage and started calling, "Luke! Luke!" So I told him to go stand with Luke, and he did, front and center for the rest of the program! It was really precious, and Luke got a huge kick out of it.

Ringing and Singing