Luke's Big Day

May 6 was Luke's 4th birthday. We tried to make it a special, fun day for him and are looking forward to continuing the celebration this weekend when Nana and Pop come to visit and we have his party on Sunday afternoon at Peak's View Park. We let him open his present from us in the morning before preschool. It is a T-Rex that moves, growls, and glares with yellow eyes. Then Luke had preschool, so he took cupcakes to share with his friends. That night Luke picked out our dinner menu: pork chops, french fries, and ladybug cookies for dessert. My mom introduced us to ladybugs: Nilla wafers with red frosting and chocolate chip spots. Then Luke got to choose where he wanted to go for the evening, and he chose the park.
This picture is in our backyard, where the boys spend most of their time these days. Luke finished his soccer season with gusto. Although they didn't get any wins, the little guys learned a lot in their first season. By the last game, they had stopped falling on the ground intermittently and were taking fewer snack breaks =)
Luke took this picture and it just cracks me up. These two Lightning McQueens must be on hand at all times. We must know exactly where they are or all is not right in the universe. Dynaco Lightning (the blue one for you mothers of girls) is Luke's and regular Lightning (red) is Jackson's.