The Rockies!
Aspen Trees
Ring Around The Rosey
Sprague Lake
The Keyhole at Devil's Backbone Trail
Bear Lake

Time with GG and Grandpa and Halloween

A hard nights work
Jackson is terrified of the dragon
Say hello to my little friend!
Luke, Grandpa, and GG
The Natural

Mississippi State Visit

We spent some time in Starkville and walked around campus quite a bit. Luke and Jackson had fun exploring the home of the Dawgs!
GG and the boys

Some column loving!

Open your eyes

Luke was loving the glider.

"Bully" and the boys.

Fall Carnival and Pumpkin Patch

Painting Pumpkins Sliding Down
The Cautious One
Bean Bad Tossin'
The Bold One


The Joys of Fall

The boys' first day of preschool. Jackson did wear shoes once he got to school. =)
Family picture on a hayride at Drumhellers' Orchard.

Luke, Jackson, and Nana explored the fields around Appomattox Courthouse.

Nana and Pop with the boys. We had so much fun together, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other's company.

"Picking" apples at the Orchard.

Nana and Pop pose with a pumpkin in front of the apple trees.

Luke and Jackson with the pumpkins they picked off the vine.


Who you really want to see...

What have Luke and Jackson been up to this summer?



Our summer was a-ma-zing! We were too busy to blog as we went along, but now we can give you the recap. Here are some glimpses into youth trips to Senior High RYM in Panama City in July and a mission trip to the Wade Center in Bluefield, WV in August.


Jr. High RYM

A few pictures from Shane's recent trip with 9 Jr. High boys to Panama City, FL for the annual RYM Conference. We will be headed back to Panama City next week for our Sr. High trip with 26 students.


Chipper Jones...I mean Whelan.

Last week Jackson was "swimming" at the pool and slipped on the stairs and chipped one of his front teeth. The corner is now missing, and I must say he looks pretty tough. If we can somehow get the corner of the other front tooth to chip off we would have ourselves a nice-looking fanged animal-esque human. Jackson will have to wait 4 years or so until the permanent teeth come in to regain his natural look, so we will see what happens between now and then. --Shane



Summer travels and adventures are in full swing...Shane just got home from Junior High RYM in Panama City, FL, and we are both headed back in a couple of weeks for Senior High. Earlier in June I got to go to Marietta by myself for a few days to help throw my dear friend Jennifer a baby shower and enjoy some time with friends and family. In August we'll go to Bluefield, WV, for a mission trip. Throw in some time at the pool and in the sprinkler, and our summer is pretty much full in a wonderful way.
Our magnolia tree is blooming and giving off that sweet, distinctly Southern aroma.

Luke started swimming lessons last week at our city pool. He's learning to jump off the side through the hula hoop.

L & J don't need a pool at all. Just dump the toys out of the Rubbermaid tub and fill it with water.

I don't think Jackson is that skinny--he's gasping because the water is so cold!

Me and my "little" brother, Ben, when I visited home for the weekend.

Me and my mom

After Jennifer's shower

The guest of honor, Jennifer Conley, is in the pink floral shirt, and the other ladies and myself hosted a shower for her to celebrate the arrival of her baby girl in August. Jennifer and I have been close since our sophomore year in high school, and it's been a blessing to share all the big moments of life--and lots of little ones--together! She will be a wonderful mommy.