We like to celebrate "firsts" around here; actually we like to celebrate everything! But I pay a lot of attention to the moments when Luke and Jackson learn something new or say something for the first time or experience something special. It seems like we've had many of those moments lately--little and big. Luke discovered he could climb our magnolia tree in the front yard. He didn't go too high--not yet--but that's a special rite of passage for a Southern boy. He also had his first soccer practice and game. He is on the Bulls' team with three of his buddies from church, and although it was pretty chilly here last Saturday, he had fun on the field. He is #45; we laughed about that extremely common soccer number. And then we celebrated Easter here at Rivermont for the first time. Wait, you're thinking, I know they've been there almost two years. Correct, but I was sick last year and none of us even went to church on Resurrection Sunday. I was drugged up and don't even remember it. So this year was especially special for me. I actually requested that we go up to the church Saturday night before Easter to see the flowers and take pictures with the sunlight coming in the stained glass windows. I am a goober, I know. But it was so worth it. People have raved to me about the Easter flowers before, but I didn't realize the smell of lilies would overwhelm you when you walk in the back door, and that flowers would be everywhere, even outside the church. And that was just a small preparation for the celebration of worship we enjoyed Sunday morning. All of that beauty and loveliness pointed us to the goodness of God and the new life we have in Christ. Worship was triumphant and joyful and left me awe-struck at the reality of Christ resurrected. And the beauty of it all is that we can live in the joy of our salvation every day. So here are a few pictures that don't really do it justice.
This is actually the lid of our baptismal font (I don't know if those terms are right, but you know what I mean). I thought it was a cool picture with Luke's finger pointing to the dove.