First Snow

Here is our first Virginia snowfall captured on film. You're just going to have to trust me because you can't see the flakes very well, but you can see Shane and Luke's happy faces. Jackson was out in it too, but this picture of him watching from inside was the cutest. Yes, I know Luke doesn't have any shoes or socks on, and for the record Jackson didn't either. We were so elated to see the snow we ran outside without any. And there weren't any little old ladies around to remind me to put socks on my freezing children. We are supposed to get some snow tonight...maybe it will actually stick around so we can play in it!


Back in the blogosphere

Here I am! Now that we are settled in our new home and have our DSL hooked up (finally) I'm back. We moved into our house on our anniversary, January 13. We had so much help that it made the moving process pretty painless. Lots of friends showed up with trucks and vans to help us take everything from the apartment to the house a few miles away. I stayed with the boys at the apartment packing stuff up, and when we drove over to the house about 3 hours after the moving started, I walked in and all my furniture was in place, the beds were up and made, and a hot dinner was waiting for us! I continue to be amazed at the love and kindness of Rivermont's church family. The boys are doing well and are enjoying more space to run around. We got our first snow last week--pretty to watch, but nothing stuck. Schools were still closed here though. It seems like we live in a prime region: It snows just enough to enjoy it and close everything down, but not enough to get in the way. Jackson is walking! He is up to about 10 steps at a time (the number increases every day). He is pretty proud of himself. He'll stop and clap for himself. I'll post some new pictures soon. Luke keeps us laughing. We were coloring yesterday, and he drew a snake--his favorite thing to draw and conveniently easy. He said, "I drew a snake, Mom. Check it" For those who aren't as cool as my two-year-old, that's short for "check it out." Shane decided to start his own blog, so check it: www.shanewhelan.blogspot.com