Autumn has arrived in the mountains! The weather is beautiful, the sky is clear blue, and the leaves are vibrant. We live on the third (top) floor of our apartment building, and I am surprisingly thankful because it means we get to stare at the beautiful treetops all day. We were so thankful to have a visit from Shane's mom and stepdad last week. They made the trip from Mississippi in 11 hours--road warriors! The whole family enjoyed their visit, but Luke was especially happy to see GG and Grandpa. We're headed on our first long trip in a couple of weeks. Stops include: Marietta to visit my family, Athens to see the bulldogs (both kinds) play and hang out with dear friends, Orlando for Shane's Youthworker Oasis Conference, Tampa to see Shane's dad and the Whelan side of the family, and Newnan to see Shane's sisters and their families. Whew! Living far away plus having kids equals packing in the visits on trips. Jackson did in fact crawl underneath the Exersaucer all on his own, as you see above. He is crawling in the more traditional sense now; for a while there he was moving around by doing "the worm."