Luke had a special event at school today--the Noah's Ark Parade. We asked him what animal he wanted to be, and he immediately said, "A shark!" Although we're not technically sure there were sharks on the ark--wouldn't they have just stayed in the water?--God made sharks, and that's good enough for us. So I made him a little visor with some teeth and some eyes, we dressed him in gray,and I made a fin for his back (but he wouldn't consent to wearing the fin). We went to watch the parade and it was pretty cute! He was the only shark the preschool has seen in all its years of animal parades. We do try to stand out from the crowd =) Can you spot the shark in the front row?
We enjoyed having Shane's mom, Mary, twin sister, Nicole, and Nicole's three children come visit last week. It was a little wild having 5 kids under the age of 6 in one house, but we loved having them here. Luke especially enjoyed playing with his cousins this time. He's getting old enough to really play with them. This is a picture of GiGi, Luke, Caleb, and Brooke at Hollins Mill Park where we took a walk and had a snack.
Jackson celebrated the big "1" on March 15. He's very mobile and is learning some new words. His favorite by far is cat. Everything is a cat. He is definitely going be another "outside" boy. He is all about going outside to play.