Good day, sunshine

We have battled lots of sickness over the last few weeks, thankfully nothing major compared to what many people are facing, but enough to be a bit of a trial. Luke was diagnosed with an "asthma episode"--meaning that it was hopefully an isolated incident. I had a kidney infection last week. And we had the more commonplace stomach bugs and ear infections as well. As a mom, it's easy for me to be fearful when someone in our household is sick. My mind tends to jump to the worst-case scenario. But I read something recently that has helped me try to maintain proper perspective. This is from Nancy Wilson's book Praise Her in the Gates (I don't agree with some of Douglas and Nancy Wilson's theology; however, their wisdom in parenting and marriage is excellent and godly.)
"When our children are sick, it is a good opportunity for us to exercise our faith. Do we really believe God is in control of all things, and will work all things for good, or do we just say this? Sickness is a time when God tests us to see if we really believe He is good. When a child is ill, we must use discretion and wisdom to determine how to care for him...No decision should be made out of anxiety or fear...When children are ill, it is a wonderful opportunity for teaching. You can model patience and cheerfulness to them when you get up in the night to comfort and minister to them."
We are all doing much better now and are enjoying this gorgeous weekend. But I must ask myself if it's a good day because it's sunny and beautiful and everyone is well and everything is "under control," or is it a good day because God is good?
Here are some Easter-time pictures of Luke dying eggs. We had lots of fun with this. We didn't make it to church on Easter because I was in the ER the night before, so it feels kind of like we missed it. However, He is risen and we can and should celebrate and remember that fact every day.