The Holy Spirit?

Last Sunday when we were in church Pastor Chris was explaining that it was Trinity Sunday and talking about the Father, Son and, Holy Spirit. Luke leaned over and asked Laura if Pastor Chris was the Holy Spirit? Of course we laughed a little to ourselves and told him no he was not. The neat thing was trying to explaining to Luke that Christians have the Holy Spirit living inside each of them. Part of the biggest joy of parenthood is the opportunity to share the mystery of the Gospel and what God has done for us in the Holy Spirit and Christ.


A Day in Luray

We went to Luray, VA about 2 and a half hours from Lynchburg for a couple days, just to get a away for a bit. Luray is best known for the Luray Caverns that were discovered in the 1870's. The first picture is inside the caverns. The pictures we took don't do the beauty of the caverns justice. Luke and Jackson liked being in a cave under the ground.

Laura feeding a yak and Luke keeping his distance.
Our lil' roos!Our family did the maze in Luray. Luke really enjoyed trying to figure out what way we needed to go. It was a bit more frustrating for Jackson. We stopped at Dark Hollow Falls on the way back.
Dad got a work out on the hike back to the car!