The Woes of Dial-Up

Just a quick post to say that I'm still alive and I tried to keep my word about posting pictures, but our stinky dial-up just refuses to allow me to post them. Shane will get a laptop at work in the next few days, so I'll use it at his office or maybe even here if we can pick up somebody's signal. Rest assured that Luke and Jackson are still just as cute and energetic as ever. Luke started spelling his name at Kroger the other day out of the blue. He was riding in the cart singing, "L-U-K-E" over and over again. He also informed me that "Mommy has big ole teeth," which I certainly do not or otherwise I might now have a complex about them. J is rolling over like a champ and grabbing for toys and our noses if we get close to him. He is so smiley. I tried to feed him cereal this morning for the first time, to no avail.
We have really loved worship at Rivermont already. Last week, we had the privilege of hearing Douglas Wilson preach at our night service. I have read and enjoyed several of his books and his wife, Nancy's books. Yesterday morning one of the associate pastors preached a great sermon on Micah 6:1-8. He talked about acting justly in response to the justice that Christ has already fulfilled for us. One comment he made that I loved was in regard to how proud we are of what we think we own and control, and how we want to control everything because we think we can do it best. He said that we sit on top of our little dung heaps and don't want God to come anywhere near them or mess them up. How true--we're so proud of what we think we have to offer God, when in reality it's just rubbish. We can't ever be good enough to gain our own righteousness. Our best efforts are but filthy rags according to Scripture. But how proud we are of those filthy rags, of that dung heap we like to claim as our own. Instead, we should boast about what Christ has done for us, fulfilling the Law and freeing us from ourselves and our sins.