Runny Babbit

Luke has been sick for the last few days; I finally took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon when his fever came back and was informed that he has a double ear infection. He has never had an ear infection before, which I find pretty impressive, but now he has two at the same time. After we got some antibiotic in him yesterday he was a new man. I am so thankful for doctors and medicine! Last Friday we headed to Virginia Beach to stay with our friends Gabe and Lisa Sava, and their little girl, Lexi. Shane had tickets for us to see Rascal Flatts in concert at the Va Beach Amphitheater. We had so much fun and it was great to visit the Savas. They became Shane's friends the first time he lived in Virginia, when he worked at WAVY-10 TV station and we first started dating. We have kept in touch and have seen them a few times since we got married. They are expecting baby number 2 in April--yay! Here is a picture of my "little" baby. He is really trying to crawl; he is pretty determined, so I don't think it will be long! Jackson is such a happy little boy. He smiles all the time and rarely cries. Let's just say it's a nice balance to the "terrible twos" stage that Luke is going through. =) Luke has started calling bunny rabbits "runny babbits" which cracks me up. He speaks quite well usually, so it's funny to hear him say it. I like it, and despite what the experts say about discouraging baby talk, I think runny babbits might be permanently added to our family dictionary.